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Long Arm Pre-Rental Class ("Basics")

Learn the ins/outs of the Innova longarm so that you can rent time on the machines to do your own projects! 

This class is to learn free motion and basics on Poppy's Innova long arm. The pre-rental class is REQUIRED to be able to then rent time. Once "certified" rental time can be scheduled and it is $25/hour (2 hour minimum)

Computerized quilting on the longarm is a SEPERATE class! If you want to be able use the computerized portion for quilting, you will need to sign up separately for the additional 1 hour session.  You would stay for an hour after the basics class, for a $50 extra fee, you will be taken through how to use the computerized aspect of the long arm.

Long Arm Pre-Rental Class ("Basics")

$ 100.00