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48 Peaks Quilt Kit 72x72


631- Button Santa Pattern


631K- Button Santa Pattern Accessory Kit


761- Peppermint Cheesecake Santa


762- Peppermint Cheesecake Snowman


763- Peppermint Cheesecake Drummer Boy


764- Peppermint Cheesecake Cardinal


765- Peppermint Cheesecake Moose


766- Peppermint Cheesecake Wreath


770 - Topsy Turvy Reindeer


770K - Topsy Turvy Reindeer Accessory Kit


837 Santa & Elves Post Accessory Kit


837 Santa & Elves Post Pattern


848 - Deck The Halls Pattern


848K - Deck The Halls Accessory Kit


885 - Spool Witches


885K - Spool Witches Accessory Kit


Backyard Birds Kit


Cat Stack Kit


Charcoal Mittens Kit


Cindi Edgerton Tree Hugger Kit Midnight


Cindi Edgerton Tree Hugger Kit Pine


Cindi Edgerton Tree Hugger Kit Silver


CKBAMBEEHAP- Bambino Bee Happy Cuddle Kit 28"x37"


CKBAMBEMMET- Bambino 1Emmett Cuddle Kit 28"x37"


CKBAMBINOHAY- Bambino Hay There Cuddle Kit 28"x37"


CKBAMBSLEEPYT - Bambino Sleepytime Cuddle Kit 28"x 37"


CKBAMBSUGAR- Sugar and Spice Cuddle Kit 28"x37"


CKCRAZY8BELLA - Bella Rosa Cuddle Kit


CKCRAZY8DOLC - Dolce Luxe3 Cuddle Kit 58"x64"


CKCRAZY8WRAN - Wrangler Cuddle Kit


CKEMSENCANDY- Double Gauze Sensational Stripe Candy Heart Cuddle Kit 28"x41"


CKEMSENSTOMP- Double Gauze Sensational Stripe Stomp & Chomp Cuddle Kit 28"x41"


CKFAB5DINOM - Dinosaur Cuddle Kit 38"x58"


CKFAB5LOVEBU - LoveBug Cuddle Kit 38"x58"


CKFAB5TICKLE- Tickle Monster Cuddle Kit 38"x58"


CKFAB5WOODL - Woodland Cuddle Kit 38"x58"


CKFAB5WOOF! - Woof! Cuddle Kit 38.5"x58"


CKLULLBEBRAV - Lucky Star Be Brave Cuddle Kit 28"x41"


CKLULLSTABLS - Lucky Star Blush Cuddle Kit 28"x41"


CKLULLSTABLU - Lucky Star Blue Cuddle Kit 28"x41"


CKPICSTARDU - Picture Perfect Cuddle Kit 38"x58"




CKWEEHANDSO- Wee Ones Handsome Hippo Cuddle Kit 27"x27"


CKWEEHEAVEN- Wee Ones Heavenly Hippo Cuddle Kit 27"x27"


CKWEEONAWHIM- Wee Ones on a Whim Cuddle Kit 27"x27"


CKWEEOPILOT- Wee Ones Little Pilot Cuddle Kit 27"x27"


CKZIGMOBY - Moby Cuddle Kit 28"x35"


CKZIGQUACK - Duck Cuddle Kit 28"x35" - copy


Frosty & Friend Kit


Good Vibrations Copper Stonehenge Ombre Kit


Graphic Gem BOM Kit Includes Pattern


How the Grinch Stole Christmas Calendar Kit


Hummingbird Lane Kit HFKIT-295 Hummingbird


Land That I Love Kit


Making Spirits Bright Pattern & Kit


Merry Mugs Kit


O Christmoose Tree Pattern for Hoffman Kit


O Christmoose Tree Pattern for Hoffman Kit - copy


Owl Family Kit


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