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Bundle Deal for Sampler 2022 - Luminous (Dusk/Cool) Colorway

Poppy Quilt N Sew presents Sampler Club 2022!!! Sampler Club at Poppy's is a program where you can register and pick up your fabric/pattern each month like a block of the month (Shipping option explained below). If you bring your completed block in from the previous month, you get your next month's for FREE! If you miss a month of either completing your block or not making it into the store, you only have to pay a $5 fee for that month's pick-up!

2022 Sampler: This 7 month program will use the Luminous Pattern by Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs. Quilt size: 74" X 86". There are THREE colorway options this year: Dawn/Warm, Dusk/cool, or Patriotic. You will be responsible for providing your background fabric this year BUT we have a great option to bundle and save on registration and background fabric for only $70!

FOR SHIPPING: If you live afar, do not worry, you can still participate in Sampler Club!! Once signed up for your colorway, each month you will pay $10 fee so that you can participate, too! You will receive an email at the end of each month with a Free Shipping coupon code where you can add anything to be shipped (for free) with that month's Sampler!